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Piezas Alteradas / Altered Pieces

Piezas Alteradas is a series of photographs made from explorations in land art with found objects. As a fundraiser to support new & ambitious projects in 2024, the series is being released gradually through November of 2023. Each photo is for sale as 8x10" giclée prints, signed in editions of 7 at $120 ea. + digital prints in ed. of 3 at a sliding scale. 100% of giclée sales from the first release will be donated to ANERA for aid to Gaza. [Inquiries accepted via email]

This series presents an exploration of altars through sitios alterados. Reframed as “altered pieces,” the works attempt to render a complicated spirituality of Christian roots entangled with secular perspectives while also resisting trendy representations of spiritual woo. Considering how altars serve multiple ritual functions at once, from sacrifices and offerings to exalting multiple entities in prayer and memorialization, these altered pieces present "imperfect offerings" devoted to various people, places, and abstractions. Gestures for prosperity are troubled by connotations of the American Dream as bullshit. Legacies of colonialism burden devotional symbolism. Living and deceased loved ones are summoned for redemption together. Memorialization is active presence, time is a watch without a clock, and ashes invoke carcinogens and emptied bodies alike. Pieces of nature cleared to make the works serve as ritual sacrifices, and transfiguration is dually offered and unattainable via wine in vessels made of raw clay. Each altar carries a prayer coded in its title, conjured in your own recitation. 


Alterada Esparciéndose (Los Nubes Que Quedan Esperan), 2023

Nubes Rayadas IG 02.jpg

Nubes Rayadas2023

Stripped cedar branches, wire, white clay slip

Umécuaro (Morelia), MIchoacan, MX

Companion prints to Alterada Esparciéndose


Alterada Alta (Escalera Hasta Cuando), 2023

Inspired by the barbed wire fences marking property lines throughout Umécuaro, Alterada Alta is a fence meant to be climbed and an altar dedicated to escapes. 

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