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Piezas Alteradas / Altered Pieces

Piezas Alteradas is a series of photographs exploring grief and memorialization through land art with found objects.

Drawing on Rosalind Krauss' notion of marked sites, a series of altars were constructed through landscape interventions, reframed as "altered pieces". Considering how altars serve multiple ritual functions at once, from sacrifices and offerings to exalted prayer, these altered pieces present "imperfect offerings" devoted to loved ones, places, and abstractions. Gestures for prosperity are troubled by connotations of restrictions. Reverence for nature is burdened by the colonial legacy of Christian symbolism. Living and deceased loved ones are summoned for redemption together. A watch without a clock suggests lost time, an ash tray invokes carcinogens and emptied bodies alike. Pieces of nature cleared to make the works serve as ritual sacrifices, while transfiguration is dually offered and unattainable via wine in vessels made of raw clay. Each altar carries a prayer coded in its title, conjured in your own recitation.


Alterada Esparciéndose (Los Nubes Que Quedan Esperan), 2023

Nubes Rayadas IG 02.jpg

Nubes Rayadas2023

Stripped cedar branches, wire, white clay slip

Umécuaro (Morelia), MIchoacan, MX

Companion piece to Alterada Esparciéndose


Alterada Alta (Escalera Hasta Cuando), 2023

Stolen fence branches, wood posts, barbed wire

Umécuaro (Morelia), MIchoacan, MX

Inspired by the barbed wire fences marking property lines throughout Umécuaro, Alterada Alta is a fence meant to be climbed and an altar dedicated to escapes. 

te dejo con salmos y tierra, and promises not forgotten     you know, the full story

the lingering feeling of yet and again

espero que la libertad sí te alcance



Alterada Baja (Raíces Para Que Cuentes), 2023



lineage clasped by exposed roots, 

ready-made altar and dirt

and the shutter snapped the moment

the vessel collapsed


uno se fue y uno quedo

Alterada Sobreviviente 1.jpg


Alterada Sobreviviente (Exaltado en la Estela)

Tree split by lightning, carved ashes, peeled bark, & river stones


Alterada Sobreviviente 2.jpg


Alterada Enmarcado (Protegido en Arcilla para Entrar)

Rusted window frame, brick gate




Alterada en Piezas (Cambio Constante)

Carved stones, waterfall

Umécuaro (Morelia), MIchoacan, MX



The words "Un Día" carved across the stones.


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