Portals, 2019
Wood, window blinds, CRTV, couch, silent-loop projection, 3-channel video/projection with audio, 6m 25s
Dimensions variable / center film 97 x 184 x 100 in

PORTALS presents a family’s immigration as impacted by geo-political turmoil, past and present. Vignettes are projected onto minimalist structures referencing domestic life--a doorway, window blinds, and a CRTV, as viewed from a living-room couch. Cinematic narrative is broken up into non-linear storytelling, alternating between movements of media appropriation in a style of remix and poetic ruminations. Clichés of the American Dream surrounding home and hard work are repeated until they are emptied. Portals begs the question, sincerely and ironically: are we “lucky to be here”?