Sisyphus Altered - solo exhibition at strobe
September 2023

Altered No. 1 (Sisyphus), 2023
Wood, paint, window-screen mesh, joint compound, 23k gold leaf, astro turf, electrical wire, light fixture, pieces of Dad’s shed,  step-ladder and fake flowers from the shed, 
roof shingles from my childhood home, drywall fragment with custom Poppy Flower wallpaper, tchotchke from Nicaragua, Dad’s ashtray, video, audio
86 x 58 x 102 inches; 4:33

Yeah yeah, there’s the rock and the notion of futility, but that’s not the point. In fact, that’s more of a blunt edge. Every fucking breath is starting again, y’know what I mean? But have you ever noticed how many waves a wave is made of? Light waves, dummy. Every time that rock falls, something else in its path is moved, which is to say something new is illuminated. Even though pushing the damn thing is pointless. I build a structure, and for a brief time light animates it, and then I tear it down, and if I’m lucky, I will build it again and it will be seen again. That’s closer to the point, if that’s what you’re interested in. But anyway, is that worth it, worth all the exertion of a body? Depends who’s asking.

In Sisyphus Altered, a strange scaffolding composed of studs and house remnants holds up an ashtray coated inside with decades’ worth of compacted cigarette dust. It now holds bits of burnt sage, which you can’t see, but maybe you believe it. Fragments of a shed, beaten-up wood, layers of exterior house paint, an old lawnmower blade, and a stepladder with heart-holes gesture at labor and memory, assembled together with elements of artifice such as fake flowers, astroturf, and gold leaf. Pieces of the shed are backlit by a light that dangles from a prusik knot, its wires spliced together by a blood-knot. Projected onto the installation is a short film regarding blades of grass. Elsewhere in the dark is a small assemblage on a wall, lit only by reflections of light.